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Modeller’s flexible design allows its users to develop powerful, predictive models for use in all stages of the credit cycle including PD, LGD and EAD models through a clear, easy-to-navigate interface. The software is the product of Paragon’s 25 years of experience in the credit industry – experience that gives our customers absolute confidence in our tools and is why Modeller is used across the lending industry.


What Modeller has to offer...



Modeller’s flexible scorecards accommodate themselves to the needs of your business rather than forcing your business to conform to the needs of the scorecards.


The Modeller development interface allows “hands on” experience for Credit Managers to analyse and evaluate all facets of credit risk.  Modeller requires little training to take full advantage of its many capabilities.


Modeller is adaptable to the requirements of many different users. The standard scorecard building interface provides familiarity and repeatability while the advanced process flow interface allows advanced users to add many additional functions


Modeller quickly pays back good returns on your investment, enhances the efficiency of your risk management operations and adds repeatability and audit to your scorecard building process

No Black Boxes

There are no hidden processes in Modeller. Paragon will be happy to explain the functionality in any of their model building and scoring techniques

Fully Supported

If you have any questions/queries about Modeller whilst you are developing your scorecard our dedicated support team are here to help. Onsite training is also provided 


"A fully integrated, predictive model development system encompassing the entire Modelling life-cycle"


User-friendly Interface

Modeller provides a user-friendly point-and-click interface for all modelling tools. This enables experienced users to take advantage of the faster throughput while new team members can quickly engage with the model building process through the use of the simplified ‘Overlay’ view.


Variable Classification

Modeller’s “Autogroup” function automates the classification process giving the user a statistically sound starting point for manual group manipulation. Modeller’s dynamic point-and-click classification interface enables the user to quickly and easily adjust group boundaries whilst the group information (e.g. WoE) and the univariate information (e.g. Gini) is updated on-screen in real-time

Advanced Modelling Techniques

Modeller caters for a wide-range of regression techniques including:

  • Logistic Regression

  • Elastic Net Models

  • Survival Analysis (Cox PH)

  • Decision Trees

  • Continuous outcome prediction for ancillary functions (e.g. LGD)

Elastic Net Small.jpg

Variable Selection and Dimensionality Reduction

Field selection is one of the most time consuming processes in scorecard building. Modeller’s “Field Reducer” tool uses an automated process to perform this task, removing the ‘junk’ based on user-defined parameters giving the user more time to concentrate on other stages of the development process


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