New Modeller Release (v3.0.0.1)

Paragon are pleased to announce that a new release of Modeller (v3.0.0.1) is now available for download.

This new release contains several bug fixes and some exciting new features. These new features include:

Modeller as a service

Users can now access Modeller via a web browser. It can be streamed from a server that is in-house or in the cloud.

Machine Learning – Mini-Batch Gradient Descent

New gradient-descent machine learning algorithm for linear and logistic models. A first order iterative optimisation algorithm.

Improved Efficiency for Autogroup and Field Reduction

Changed the way group files are created and saved resulting in the grouping process being much less memory-intensive. This allows the user to run Field Reducer and Autogroup on bigger data sets whilst using less of their machine’s physical memory. This will also result in faster opening/editing/closing/ saving of large group files.

For more information about this new release - please contact our support team at


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